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The International Competition “FLOS OLEI” aims at enhancing the quality of extra virgin olive oil at international level, awarding prizes to the best products, spreading oil knowledge and thus contributing to its correct marketing. In particular the competition intends to:

  • stimulate the workers of this field (olive growers, olive-press operators and packagers) to obtain a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, comparing the different world productions.
  • enhance the knowledge and study of quality olive productions of any origin and inform about the profession of the expert taster of virgin and extra virgin olive oil, who is able to assess the excellence of every single product in compliance with E.C. and International regulations both individually and as a member of a panel.
  • promote information about the health-giving and nutritional qualities (Mediterranean  Diet) of quality extra virgin olive oil in the different fields of consumption (school canteens, cooking courses, wine bars, restaurants, importers, buyers, etc.)
The International Competition “FLOS OLEI” is open to:
  • Olive growers producers
  • Oil-Mills
  • Social Oil-Mills and Co-operatives of producers
  • Associations of producers
  • Traders packagers
Extra virgin olive oil of any national and international origin will be admitted to the International Competition “FLOS OLEI” only if regular application (Questionnaire) is sent by the established terms. The oil submitted must be packaged in bottles with trademark according to the law, while oil that is marketed loose will not be admitted.
Participation in this International Competition is subject to acceptance of the Regulation and of the assessment of a panel of expert tasters.
The panel, coordinated by Marco Oreggia, is constituted by expert tasters representing the main olive growing regions in Italy, chosen among the tasters enrolled in the National Registry of technicians and experts of virgin and extra virgin olive oil. Expert tasters coming from other countries in the world are allowed to take part. Applicants for the International Competition “FLOS OLEI” or people who have any kind of relationship with the participating farms are not allowed to be part of the panel. Expert tasters connected in any way with the participating farms are allowed to attend only as auditors, in order to make transparent the work carried out by the panel.
The samples of extra virgin olive oil will be submitted to the panel, who will proceed to the organoleptic analysis following the COI method in an “open” way, referring their opinion to the coordinator, who will fill in a specific card for the assessment of the sensory profile. The assessment of the panel will be final and unappealable.

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