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Flos Olei Point is a commercial project involving not only the producers of the oil and agricultural and food sector, but also restaurants, specialized shops or reception facilities, with the aim of representing a network of "affiliates", having the common objective of high quality and participating in the distribution of the Guide and other material with the trademark Flos Olei .

The idea is not only to involve farms and similar realities in the distribution of the book through the concessional purchase of a minimum number of 10 (ten) copies of the Guide Flos Olei, but also to advertize the different points of sale or reception open to the public. In fact in this way  they will be able to increase their potential, becoming a centre of attraction and reception of the consumers all year round and adding the sale of other products, first of all the Guide Flos Olei, to their usual commercial activity. The Guide is actually an important working instrument, a credit and an award giving prestige to the  farm published, but also to other structures interested in high quality.

If you become a Flos Olei Point, that is an affiliate of the trademark Flos Olei,  you can access the restricted area, where you can buy the new cosmetic line Flos Olei Beauty. Moreover you can take advantage of the preminent role of  communication we have always played in this sector.

If you want to become a Flos Olei Point,  buy this product then download the "Affiliation" document and send it by e-mail to or by post (original) to the address: E.V.O. srl - Via Positano, 100 - 00134 Roma - Italia.

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